About Eureka

Why Should You Select Eureka?


Eureka Translation Inc.’s mission is straight forward: To remove Language as a barrier to communication by finding the Right word, for the Right audience, with the Right meaning. At the heart of that mission, lies a conservative and highly disciplined approach.

At Eureka Translation, we believe that effective translation is more than just substituting words. A good translation must be transparent and take into account the audience, the intent of the message and its application. We strongly believe that accuracy in semantics makes a translation faultless while correctness in grammar analysis makes a translation consistent. Our objective is to get the ideas across to the target audience so that it can correctly understand the points being transmitted.

We develop trusted partnerships with each and everyone of our clients. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, without sacrificing quality and attention to detail.

Eureka Translation Inc. helps you communicate with CONFIDENCE.

Business Approach

Translation is a very cyclical business. Therefore, instead of hiring full-time in-house translators, Eureka Translation Inc. works with a network of certified freelance translators who translate into their own mother tongue and work in their own specialty.

Each translation is revised by another translator to ensure the quality. Two or three sets of eyes are better than one. Each translation is also revised on screen and on paper. If the document is reformatted at your end, we do one final proof with the final layout.

When requested and/or required, a bilingual glossary is established (especially if more than one translator will be working on different parts of a document).

Legal translations must be revised and approved by the legal department of the company requesting the translation.

Our team

Eureka Translation Inc. goes to considerable lengths to establish and nurture long-lasting client relationships based on respect and mutual success. We understand that trust if difficult to gain… and extremely easy to lose. Clients must be confident that Eureka Translation Inc. has their best interests at heart.

At Eureka Translation, we have formalized that trust. We work with our clients as partners to achieve a common goal. To help ensure this success, we have put together a network of independent certified translators, specialists in a vast array of domains, who are all native speakers (French or English).

The principal, Pascaline Denblyden, holds a Teaching Degree in Mathematics from Belgium, an Honour Translation BA from York University, as well as a Technical Writing Certificate from York University.

We rely on the expertise of this team to continue to ensure a fast, efficient and personal service at all times.


We specialize in Technical, Financial and Human Resources translations. Working with a network of certified independent translators, we can accommodate any volume, subject, timeline, making sure we always assign each project to the best person(s) possible.


Our translators have been certified by the:

  • Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council
  • Quebec Order of Translators, Terminologists and Interpretators
  • The Society of Translators and Interpreters of B.C., Canada